Snow…? SNOW!!

Ah, my favorite kind of snow has arrived.  Oh, you know…the kind that falls but doesn’t accumulate or cause roads to get slick.  It has been “flurrying” off-and-on all day – just enough to make you use your windshield wipers and remind you that it’s officially winter.  Well, not OFFICIALLY since it’s only December 7th, but whatevs.

Our Secret Santa is well underway at work.  Our Secret Santa is pretty easy to figure out.  We all work such different schedules, especially the grad assistants, so it’s easy to deduce based on the time of day (and the actual day) that you receive the presents.  I thought I had mine narrowed down, but my Secret Santa got sneaky today and randomly placed 3 presents under the tree (at random times) today.  Hm…Back to the drawing board!

Friday is our office holiday potluck so I made Oreo truffles last night.  3 ingredients and BOOM!  Done.  Since I enjoy creating many options and making things hard for myself, I dip half in white chocolate and the other half in milk chocolate.  I sprinkle some with oreo crumbs and drizzle the opposite melted chocolate for some extra fanciness.  I’m not even going to list the “nutritional” value of 1 Oreo truffle…ugh.

Baking stresses me out less than bringing a main dish or side to keep warm all day.  Besides, anything with chocolate is going to taste good.  I can’t say the same thing for a side dish that I love, but others don’t.  Fortunately, some wonderful person already listed “veggie tray”.  Thank goodness!  I HATE when there are no veggies to be seen.  I’m about to sound like a food snob, but it kills me when people have a plate full of chips instead of “healthies”.  I understand this is a personal preference, and I should not judge; especially since I almost never crave chips.  But having 4 different types of chips on your plate?  Let’s try some yummy carrot sticks instead 🙂

I almost panicked last night when I realized I didn’t have my super cute scarf from Target that I eye-balled for weeks.  I even kept all the tags on it for a few weeks once I bought since I didn’t really NEED it, but it was one of those items I just kept gravitating to every time I was there.  And since they say if you are still craving something 15 minutes after you’ve tried to forget, then just give in…ok so that’s with food, not scarves, but whatever.  I couldn’t imagine where in the world I would have left it, other than hanging on my door at work.  What a relief when I found it hanging behind my door at work this morning.  WHEW!!!  Exciting life I have, eh?

Nothing fancy - but it goies really well with my eggplant-colored peacoat 🙂

Today was super hard leg workout-day at the gym.  45 minutes of intervals on the bike, followed by many forms of squats, lunges, and ab shtuff.  I wrapped it up with 20 minutes on the elliptical.  When I got home I treated myself to half of a grapefruit before my shower and breakfast.  I’m obsessed with grapefruits.  They’re practically like candy to me.  YUM!  Then with my coffee I MIGHT have had some chocolate-covered peanut brittle…just a few bites.  But WOW, it goes great with coffee.

I apologize for the boring and random post.  Hopefully the next few days will bring some exciting stories to post.

Awkward Wednesday:  Conference calls.  SOOOO so so so awkward.  Oh my gosh.  I hate them and dread them SO much.  Everyone talks at the same time from lack of nonverbal cues…then no one talks because we don’t know when to talk and don’t want to cut someone off.  Plus, I HATE hearing people breathe on the phone! AH! Good grief.  I’m surprised conference calls haven’t been phased out yet.


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