Long Time No…Blog…?

Hello again to the 2 people that read this blog.  I have returned home from my mini shopping & “relaxation” vacation.  I just couldn’t get myself to write anything while I was away.  It was so good to spend time with my mom.  And it was a nice little get-away for her too.

It’s hard not to bond over shopping and food!  The 2 things that can always win me over! 

We got back into town on Saturday but I spent at least 8 hours yesterday of editing and proofing 2 EdD & PhD dissertations/projects.  I love editing.  Love, love, love.  Truthfully.  But 3 hours-worth of oxford comma edits!  Good grief!  Just so everyone is aware, the oxford (or serial) comma is no longer optional according to the APA 6th edition, Chapter 4.03.  I’ve always been “pro” oxford comma so I was so glad to see this is now mandatory.  Don’t know what an oxford comma is?  Think I’ve gone a bit too nerdy?  An oxford comma is the last comma in a series of 3 or more items.  For example, “One fish, two fish, and red fish”.  The comma BEFORE “and” is an oxford comma.  It just looks naked and can even take on a different meaning without the comma.  GAH!  I was sounding my Grammar Police siren.  I meant to count how many oxford comma corrections I made, but after 6 hours of editing, I just didn’t have it in me to go back through 120 pages and count them. 

Any hoo, I finished the 2nd EdD project today and have one more that’s not due until January 1st.  Woo!  I’m “on-call” until those projects & dissertations are due this Friday.  I have a feeling they will take advantage of that “on-call” offer.  Rough life.

Monday’s Awkward Moment:  I was getting the mail from the 12-apartment mailbox on the other side of my apartment building after work.  One of my “neighbors” that I never see because he lives on the other “half” of the building and has a different entrance, had just let his dog out and we both said “Hi” to each other.  I told him his dog is beautiful (she really is…I want her).  After he thanked me and we engaged in a little small talk, he asked, “Is she peeing or pooping?”  Um…well…(please don’t make me say “pooping” to a complete stranger…)…”She’s pooping.”  O.M.G.  Why is that such an awkward word to use when conversing with strangers?!  HA! 


Tomorrow is a “rest day” so I’ll be doing a light TRX arm workout.  Next week I plan to start my 10 Bootcamp classes courtesy of Groupon 🙂 


This week also begins hundreds of holiday parties and receptions at work including our office’s Secret Santa exchange and the infamous White Elephant “Rob Your Neighbor” exchange.  I can’t wait to hit up Goodwill for something so horribly creepy! 


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