4-day Thanksgiving Weekend Round-up

I know you can’t wait to about every minute of my break…Lots to talk about here…must. use. headings.  YAY!


Oh Turkey Day…you were great.  Thanksgiving is always so relaxed, at least in my family.  I lounged in my PJs until relatives arrived.  I spent the night at my parents’ the night before just to make things easier and to seem more like a real holiday again.  It doesn’t feel real unless I spend the night there – talk about needing to grow up!  I got up early and did a CRAZY hard workout to earn my feast.  Our meal consisted of: turkey (duh), sweet potato casserole, homemade mashed potatoes, Waldorf salad (YUM!), homemade potato rolls, green bean bundles (wrapped in bacon), and the following pies: cherry, pumpkin, mincemeat, and apple crumb.  WOWZA!  The only thing that really went untouched was the Aldi’s frozen cream puffs my grandma brought.  Cream puffs aren’t really a fan favorite in my family.  Oh, Grandma…

I was beyond full.  The minute I felt “human” again, my body went through food withdrawals and I had to go back to eat more food.

Detox Run-Down: 
Since I absolutely refused to take part in Black Friday, to “detox” on Friday, I did a session of Bikram Yoga (hot yoga).  I LOVED IT!  I was nervous and didn’t really know what to expect before I went.  I had done regular yoga for years (and years ago…) but I’d heard hot yoga was much different.  And it was.  The heat really wasn’t that bad, although every inch of me was drenched.  (I’ve been told I sweat more than the average person.  Understatement of the year.).  It was much different than “regular” yoga.  Aside from the heat (obviously), the lights are left on, the instructor paces around the room, the “non-judgement” aspect is not there, the pace is much faster.  According to a calorie counter website I burned 750 calories.  I’m still a little skeptical on that one…  However, it will be a great additional workout/stretching session for my muscles and the heat will help my cardio build up even more for running (and for running in the heat).  Now my hamstrings and back are s-o-r-e (also an understatement).

After yoga, I spent the rest of the day putting up my tree and other Christmas decorations.  My apartment looks so cozy now 🙂  The lights on the tree just make me feel all cozy inside…I wish I could keep it up all year!  But then I guess it wouldn’t be as special around December…humph 😦

After holiday decorating, I met up with 5/8 of the Crazy 8s (friends from high school/home) for a few drinks.  I sure do miss them and wish they didn’t all live so far away.


Saturday was spent at a massive craft fair with my mom and 2 of her friends.  Too. Many. People.  But we found some neat stuff (naturally since I went with the intention of spending no money).  *sigh*.  Oh well…sometimes retail therapy is good, even when I don’t have the money to do it!

Sunday RunDay:

Yes! Sunday RunDays are back!  I ran another 5-miler on Sunday followed by a leg-killing weight session followed by 30 minutes of intervals on the bike.  Soaked & dripping pony-tail?  YUP.  I felt like I had worked out hard, but NOT hard enough for the sweatiness level of my ponytail.

I refueled after my workout, enjoyed my daily massive cups of coffee, and headed to the grocery store for our traditional Sunday Soup-makin’.   We haven’t had the chance to take part in our Sunday Soup tradition for a while (mostly thanks to my job or some other stupid commitment).  We made a 30-minute turkey chili from the Food Network.   It was super tasty.  I didn’t even think I would be able to taste the beer in the chili, but every once in a while I got a whiff of it.  It really did add to the recipe.  I always add an additional can of tomatoes than the recipe calls for since I don’t like my chili watery or too thick.  The 2nd can really gives it the perfect consistency.  Oh, and I added a can of black beans.  I don’t trust a chili recipe that only calls for 1 can of beans.  Absurd.  Lessons learned from this soup-makin’ experience:

  • Sharp knives are really sharp.  Even the slightest run-in with a thumb and a knife will cause bleeding for hours (even if it’s just a teeny tiny cut).
  • Wear gloves when de-seeding/de-ribbing jalapenos.
  • Don’t lick your fingers or touch your eyes for 24+ hours after cutting jalapenos without wearing gloves.  Even when I put in my contacts this morning there was STILL jalapeno “oil” on my fingers.  Owwie 😦  I even washed my hands repeatedly with Dawn dish soap AND wiped them down with rubbing alcohol.  Those peppers mean business.

Insanely Awkward Moment for Monday:

After listening to the steel drum band in the UC’s lobby, I went to the restroom before heading back into my office.  I always bump into a woman from my New Employee Orientation class.  She said “HA I only see you in here, never any where else on campus”.  I laughed and said “Well I’m in here a lot…”.  She said “Oh, are you pregnant?”.


No.  No, I’m not.  But my bladder must think I am.  Fail


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