Double U – Tee- Eff

Congrats to Bye Week for a fun and successful season.  We lost in a single elimination play-off game to a team that held opposite standings.  Given that we’ve won 4 championships in a row, it’s obviously disappointing to lose.  We were 9-1. They were 1-9.  Let’s say it together: WTF?  Honestly, I don’t enjoy playing against cheaters, I don’t enjoy playing against teams that suddenly have “good” players for the playoff games, and I don’t enjoy playing against a team with a pregnant player.  Yes, let’s say it together again:  W-T-F?!  She was at least 7 months pregnant.  I’m pretty sure she wasn’t hiding a volleyball under her shirt.  PLUS, I’m almost positive some of the players were under 18 (another broken YMCA rule).  I know, I know…”It’s ONLY rec league volleyball, Sarah. Why are you getting so worked up over it?”  It’s really not a big deal.  It’s just the principle of it all that just makes me so darn mad.  If it IS just rec league volleyball, then there shouldn’t be a need for cheating OR for pregnant players.  Just sayin’.  (I’m not sayin…BUT I’m just sayin’)

After the game yesterday I baked 2 batches of delicious Nutella biscotti cookies.  I love these.  They’re not too over-powering and almost seem “light”, even though I’m 99.9% sure they aren’t “light” by any means.  They are super easy to make too.  I know cookies and Thanksgiving don’t really go together, but I’m not a fan of pumpkin pie and everything else people are bringing I don’t like, can’t eat, or just don’t want on Thanksgiving (like brownies).  I love brownies, but I want PIE for Thanksgiving.  Not brownies.  So I rebel and make my own cookies.  So there.

Somewhere in between and after batches of cookies, I made more Nutella & peanut butter granola.  I’m addicted to this stuff.  I’ve been eating it for lunch since I found “sugar free honey” at Walmart.  I know…I don’t see how honey can be sugar free either, but it is.  So aside from the Nutella, it’s a sugar-free snack/lunch.  The peanut butter granola truly is sugar-free.  Last night I made some with sugar-free honey and peanut butter powder.  The only nutritional value comes from the oats.  Now THAT’S impressive.  I got a little creative and threw in some toasted hazelnuts and crushed flaxseeds for added nutrition.

Good news:

  • My appetite is back. Sort of.
  • My computer at work is fully-functioning again.  Apparently you should remove jumpdrives before you restart your computer.  Whatever.  You didn’t know that either.
  • Today is my mom’s birthday (and the anniversary of the assassination of JFK).  Her birthday is usually ruined by SOMETHING.  And I’m not making fun here.  It usually happens every year (not the part about JFK getting shot though…).  But fortunately, we can always laugh about it a few days later.
  • Tomorrow is “Friday”
  • We’re decorating for Christmas in the office today.  (Giddy sounds)

Awkward:  Someone whacked me with their coat at the gym yesterday.  She didn’t realize it, but I was bending over picking my stuff up off one of the benches in the locker room (facing the woman putting on her coat).  As she was putting on her coat, she got a little excessive with the “swinging of the coat to put it on” and it pretty much consumed my face.  I just laughed about it because things like that always seem to happ to me. Although she should maaaaybe be a little more considerate about the amount of space she occupies.  JUST sayin’.



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