Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Appetite Gone?

Seriously appetite.  Where did you go?  I know I used to get mad at you when you wouldn’t shut up and I would want to eat even when I wasn’t hungry.  But now the only time I’m hungry is when I wake up.  And even then it’s more of an empty stomach feeling than hunger.  I’ve been trying to eat light throughout the day just to keep my nutrients and energy.  Yesterday my lunch consisted of grapes, granola, and a bite of a 90-calorie Fiber One bar.  This better go away before Thanksgiving.

I have been insisting I eat a normal supper though.  Last night’s was delicious, although I still wasn’t hungry.  Pan fried chicken breasts (with a little olive oil), whole wheat couscous, and this AMAZING asparagus recipe we’ve made several times since discovering it in Cooking Light (my favorite magazine, 2nd only to Runner’s World).  The asparagus dish is the perfect combination of textures of flavors: crunchy asparagus, creamy feta crumbles, sweet cherry tomatoes, and a tangy balsamic vinegar.  So good!

Asparagus+tomatoes+feta+balsamic vinegar = YUM!

I did a quick TRX workout this morning.  Mostly leg workouts but I managed to do a little core and arm exercises too.

Since today is Friday, AND the Friday before students’ Thanksgiving break, all is quiet and calm in the office.  It’s lovely.  Although I was so “head-down & focused” yesterday I’m not sure that I’ll have the productiveness to take advantage of the quietness today. I had planned to get more things accomplished this week.  Actually,  I DID get quite a bit done, but none of it was on my to-do list…it all popped up this week.  ARGH!  Does anyone else HATE when that happens?  Now I feel so unaccomplished, or at least terribly behind.  I have several meetings and other things to prepare for BEFORE Thanksgiving.  They aren’t due or don’t occur until after Thanksgiving, but who wants to work on stuff last-minute?  Not me.  I do my best work when it’s last minute because I have an “oh shit” moment and the adrenaline keeps me going and keeps me creative.  Otherwise, the extra stress doesn’t really appeal to me much.  Shocking?

Tomorrow is my LAST volunteer project Saturday until at least the middle of January.  WOOT!  I told myself that November would be crazy, but I absolutely refuse to work any Saturdays  after Thanksgiving and until the students get back in January.  I’ll have a little less than 2 months of a normal “Monday through Friday” week with 2 whole days of a weekend.  Word. To. Your. Mother.


Awkward Moment:  We were talking about swallowing teeth as kids yesterday at the front desk at work.  Several students/staff chimed in saying they had swallowed one or more baby teeth on accident (obviously) but “never found them again”.  Obviously no one digs around for them, if you know what I mean…Then Miss Smarty Pants (me) offered up the fact that they might not even make it THERE, again, if you know what I mean.  I bet our stomach acid is so powerful those little teeth just dissolve like a chemistry experiment.  Yup. That’s gotta be it.  Why was it awkward?  Talking about poo and digestion with coworkers and having strangers chime in is just awkward.  Even if your comfortable with the topic and the people involved (which I am), doing it in a professional setting is so weird.  I’m glad we’re all weird and OK with it at least…  Plus, I bet it got you thinking didn’t it?  Enjoy that one…



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