Hugs (or working out), Not Drugs!

Lack of appetite and esophageal pain solved.  Typically when my stomach feels like this it’s from a food sensitivity.  So I took a look at my recent diet to see if there’s any item I’ve been eating more of or started eating:  prunes.  Not sure why I didn’t think of it before.  Prunes (dried plums) are on my IC “may cause problems” list.  Duh…I have bladder/tummy sensitivities to pitted fruit (peaches, plums, etc.) but still ate them any way because I only eat them when they are in season.  Since I only get to enjoy them a few weeks out of the year I usually say “Screw you bladder” and devour them.  BUT, obviously prunes are a year-round kind of thing so I didn’t even think about them being “year-round plums”.  I might try to take Prelief before I eat them throughout my day to see if that helps.  Some foods I just won’t/can’t give up because I’m so active that it’s nearly impossible to avoid all the foods on that list.  It would actually be unhealthy (generally and “fitnessly” speaking) to avoid those foods.  Take a look at some of these nutrition-packed foods I shouldn’t eat:

Check out all that fruit and other low-fat options I’d be missing out on!  Even Splenda/Equal is on the no-no list.  GAH!  So in order to be healthy, sometimes I have to take the good with the bad to prevent bigger problems like weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, or, God forbid, a runner that can’t run at her best because she can’t eat the food that helps her run at her best (try saying that 5 times fast!).  Although, I certainly don’t want to jeopardize the health of my bladder, stomach, or esophagus either by eating  healthy foods that I know will cause inflammation and pain.  How’s THAT for a balancing act?

I’ve been trying to switch to Truvia, a more natural sweetener, since I try to limit my sugar consumption too.  Apparently sweeteners like Equal & Splenda are outlawed in other countries because they are so bad for you.

I skipped my pre-workout snack again this morning.  Fortunately, I was “more hungry” afterward, but the appetite is still not what it should be.

Since I typically talk about working out or fitness-y things:  I ran across this article yesterday about rats that found working out to be like a drug.  Check it out!  Apparently rats that were previously addicted to substances were less likely to “push the lever” for more substance once they had worked out a lot/for a while.  Scientists aren’t sure if working out acts as a distraction, stress reliever, or just makes you feel good (like drugs do, apparently).  I’d like to believe it just makes you feel good.  Who needs drugs when you’ve got all those endorphins raging through your body?!?!

Awkward, awkward, awkward: I ran into a bathroom stall yesterday.  I really just clipped it with my shoulder, but given that it was a crowded bathroom I’m sure people noticed and thought “ooooh, awkward.”




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