Vipers? Vipered.

I apologize in advance for the hodge podge and less than exciting post…

Shout out to Bye Week for defeating our OTHER big rival, the Vipers, last night.  We played the best we’ve played all season – lots of teamwork, lots of good passing & setting, etc.  And lots of getting smacked in the head or face with the ball…but apparently that’s our secret weapon.  So, YAY us!

My “comp day” yesterday was quite enjoyable.  I rocked out an intense workout, finished up laundry, vacuum sealed some healthy lunches for work, washed my sheets (a huge accomplishment here…) and enjoyed plenty of couch time watching Mad Men with my sweet cuddle buddy, Hobbes.

Does anyone else not wash their sheets for a good month or so?  Bueller…?  Bueller…?  It’s the one thing I love more than anything , but I just feel like having one more load to wash and dry in a weekend, plus having to stick around when the sheets/blankets are drying so I can put them back on, is just “too much”.  Could I be a bigger drama queen here?  I absolutely love having fresh, clean sheets that are tucked ever-so-tightly and perfectly before they get all catty-wompus after a few “sleeps”.

I upped my mileage yesterday by 1/2 mile, running 3.5 miles.  WOO!  My foot was a little achy yesterday afternoon, but feels fine now.  I suppose it’s just something I will have to get used to.

I’m pretty pumped that this week AND next are short weeks.  I’m so excited for the holidays this year.  Mostly because of the free time off, but the food, family, and friends part is always good too! 🙂  Unfortunately, I’m just having a hard time getting started this morning.  You would think having a day off would make me be motivated to get things done, but I’m stuck in “done mode”.  I’m partly blaming it on the headache I woke up with that kept me from a TRX workout.  This darn St. Louis weather has made my apartment too hot for sleeping by my standards, but I refuse to turn the air back on.  Honestly, the thermostat hasn’t gone above 71 degrees, but that’s “hot” enough to have me sleep restlessly AND wake up with a headache.  Can’t wait until it gets down in the 30s at night again!

Awkward Moment:  Lots of them over the weekend, especially at the trivia night…one in particular included a teacher breaking it down to Nelly.  Not classy…not classy at all!


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