Homeless & Harry Potter

I know you’re all DYING to know how our Box City event went…successful, unforgettable, cold, windy, “box-y”.  It really was successful and an experience many students said they will never forget.  We had a pretty good turn out.  I shared a box (house) with a student which proved to be a pretty good idea.  Although we never touched throughout the night, I feel like just having another “warm soul” helped out.  I did manage to get a few hours of sleep, non-consecutively of course.  Everyone crashed after the hot chocolate arrived around 12:30.  I think I slept until 2am, then until 4am, then until 4:30.  There was plenty of consciousness/unconsciousness in between so I really think I only averaged 2 hours that night.

My back surprisingly held up.  The only things that still hurt are the sides of my legs and arms that took the “brunt” of sleeping on the concrete, my lips that are “crazy chapped” (official medical term), and my shoulders/upper back that are feeling a bit tight…probably from sleeping on cardboard.  I still have a little of that “hungover” feeling you get when you don’t get any sleep.  My camera has decided to be difficult so I will have to post pictures later…

After I napped for about 2 hours and flip flopped between being too cold and too warm (I suppose my body was on the fritz from my “homeless awareness adventure”, we headed to my high school’s trivia night.  It was so great to see some of my old Marquette “family” (teachers, acquaintances, etc.) and just to be back in the gym.  Trivia nights are the best…great friends, awesome trivia food, fabulous people-watching, and putting your useless knowledge to good use.  What a perfect time 🙂  We placed 11th out of 40-ish teams…not bad, but definitely the lowest my team has placed in a long time.  Can’t win ’em all, eh?

Since my body and mind were still a little foggy this morning, even after a great night’s sleep last night, I did a light workout.  It was mostly cardio with very little weights just to “get the kinks out”.  Sometimes if I’m sore or achy I’ll still do weights, but just go light to get the blood moving into them for a speedier recovery. Honestly, even the thought of lunges & squats made me feel exhausted, physically & mentally.  I love when I actually listen to my body when it’s practically begging for rest.  I’m pretty hard on my little body sometimes…Tomorrow is my “Sunday” so I will do my “gospel workout” then.

Speaking of recovery, I can’t think of a better way to “recover” from this weekend than to catch up on my Saturday “chores” and watch the Harry Potter marathon on TV.  Fabulous.  I love watching Harry Potter movies at the gym.  I know people automatically assume I’m cool when they see me watching them.  I just know it…


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