Yeah, yeah, yeah…Happy 11.11.11. And Happy Veteran’s Day. And happy “Everyone is going to be phony and make their facebook status say ‘Thank you for all the veterans’ day”.  Not saying people don’t mean it, exactly.  Hmm…Maybe I’m just a little bit cynical this morning.  But seriously, Happy Veteran’s day to everyone who has served, especially to my Pops, uncle(s), grandpa, and my cousin Jennifer.  I know I totally don’t have what it takes.  I’d be on the first plane home, in tears! Weak…

Today marks the official day of Box City on campus so I’m not going in to work until 11am.  You would think since I’ll either be getting absolutely no sleep tonight (or for a total of 31 hours) I would have stayed up late and “slept in”.  HA!  That’s silly.  I stayed up later than usual but woke up at 6am.  ARRGHHHH!!!  Staying up late to push back my sleep cycles always back fires on me.  So now I’m going to be awake for 31 hours on a less-than-ideal amount of sleep.  Boo and/or hoo.

I have a volunteer project on Saturday morning (right after Box City concludes at 9am) so I either need to get at least 2 hours of sleep (in my box or in my office) or I will be a major hazard on the road (all laughing aside here) Saturday morning.

I picture 4 possible scenarios occuring Saturday:

  1. My back will “go out” from sleeping in a box, sleeping on the floor of my office (basically concrete), or just from being overly tired.
  2. My stomach will rebel against me.
  3. I will have a massive headache.
  4. I will be so exhausted I become weepy.

Let’s be honest…all four of those will probably happen.  Woo and/or hoo.

I really do love my job though and I really am excited for these events/projects.  Both are awesome educational experiences and I’m excited to see students participating to raise awareness.  I’m just dreading the unknown at present.  And the students helping me plan are phenomenal.  I couldn’t have asked for a better “planning committee”.  We’re pretty awesome for pulling this together in only a few weeks.

HOWEVER, I had a glorious bite of Bread Co’s pumpkin muffin with a piece of dark chocolate and Dunkin Donuts’ peppermint mocha coffee (with sugar free (!!!) peppermint mocha Coffee Mate) this morning.  So for now, all is well.

Although, I do want to vent about teachers just for a moment for all of the whining and facebook status updates I saw recently for “having to be at work for 12 hours” for parent teacher conferences. Wah, wah, wah.  I get that parent teacher conferences aren’t fun and mad props to you for dealing with parents that don’t want to take responsibility for their childrens’ problems AND for even getting verbally abused by some parents.  I really don’t care that you’ve worked two-12 hour days in a row because you probably have a 3 or 4 day weekend following your extra time at work.  So a big shout out to student affairs professionals (and any other professionals out there) that work at least two 12-hour days without even batting an eye because “it’s just the nature of the beast”.   (I know I might take a hit on this opinion, but I just had to get that off my chest.  Now you all know how awful of a person I really am.  Whatevs.)

Happy Friday to everyone out there (all 2 of you that read this)!  Any exciting weekend plans anyone wants to share?

After my crash nap tomorrow afternoon, I’m going to a trivia night at my high school.  I’m so excited to be in that gym again and experience the smell.  Weird, right?  The smell of that place is pure nostalgia.  It feels like home.  My team will pretty much dominate.  Stay tuned for results.

I awkwardly completed a leg & core TRX workout this morning.  It was awkward since I was still getting a feel for the “moves”  Whewie! It kicked my butt!  Now I’m excited to do the same workout next week, but with more confidence.


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