This morning’s workout really did a number on me.  I’m not sure if it was the workout, the build up of the work week/past workouts, or the upcoming stressful work weekend I have in store.  I considered taking a nap after breakfast.  My bed was truly saying “Pssst!  You should climb back under my sheets.  You won’t regret it.”  I had to side with the angel on my other shoulder.  Boo.  Now I’m sipping a gigantic cup of Highlander’s Grogg.  Not sure if it will do the trick or I just need actual sleep.  Time will tell.

Yesterday was full of student-run programs (an Occupy movement on campus and Occupy panel) and great motivational meetings with colleagues about an awesome first-year experience program for next August…that will be an obscene amount of work on the planning & implementing side of things.  But I never take “no” for an answer…maybe that’s why I’m always so tired.

After my work day, I ran back to Alton for an appointment, haircut, and dinner with the parentals.  In between all 3 I spent too much money and only bought 2 Christmas gifts.  Once I finally got “home home” (my apartment) I climbed into bed, read (not “red” as I originally typed) 3 pages of The Magicians before giving up and turning off the lights.  It really is a good book – I just need to not choose to read it right before bed.  But geeze, when else am I going to read?  That, and sometimes it’s just so much more appealing to zone out to Friends on Nick @ Nite in my “late-night” exhaustion. That’s really the more ACTUAL reason… whatever.  Does anyone else experience this or am I just “broken”?   Be honest…you won’t hurt my feelings.  I already know I’m “uncool” 🙂

Awkward Moment:  I was getting my hair “did” yesterday.  My hair stylist is a sweet woman I’ve known since we were both 5.  We went to the same small grade school (K-8) and high school.  She was even one of my “bases” when we were cheerleaders in high school.  We weren’t “besties” by any means.  In fact we never hung out after grade school, BUT there’s something to be said about a small “family-like” environment we experienced throughout schooling.  Anyhoosier…one of my high school teachers was getting her hair “did” right next to me.  She was “cool” and totally classy and as my teacher, and even now, you could tell she easily forgot those students that were “uncool”…AKA not popular.  There I said it. Geh…SO I walked in and did a double-take, realizing it was “Ruthie”.  I smiled at her several times, even thinking my hair stylist would point out that we knew each other.  But…*sigh*.  No.  She didn’t recognize me or even put 2 & 2 together to realize who I was.

Why didn’t I say anything, you ask?  Well, duh.  I’m awkward. That’s why.  Because I didn’t want her to go through the whole awkward “rack her brain” moment trying to remember…then she would PRETEND to remember me just to ease the awkward moment and be polite because she’s a classy lady.  Great.  Story of my liiiiife.  HA!  At least I can laugh about it and I’m humble enough to know that I don’t make an impact on everyone I meet.  There.  Good lesson.

Is it Sunday yet…?  No…? Darn.


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