Terminators? Terminated.

Yup, Bye Week terminated Schoeney’s Terminators last night.  They are a long-time rival so beating them is extra important.  They took us to 3 games.  Our second game was a little sloppy and the third game reminded us of the recent Game 6 of the World Series.  Obviously our team represented the Cardinals and their A-m-a-z-i-n-g “tied game” comeback.

After the game I went home and made yet another batch of almond butter granola and peanut butter granola.  I accidentally left both in the oven longer than last time, but they both were deliciously crunchy.  My first batches were chewy instead of the traditional “granola crunch” I was going for.  Crunch = silver lining.

Dinner last night was random but delicious:  chicken breast w/sauteed onions & green peppers baked with peppercorn/low fat feta, whole wheat couscous, and asparagus.  YUM!  I love anything with feta!

As promised, I completed my first TRX workout this morning.  I didn’t do much  – I didn’t want to overdo it since my body will be adjusting to the new workout.  The idea is for a smooth transition not an “OMG I’m in so much pain” workout.  I worked out my arms for only about 20 minutes this morning with different TRX arm workouts and by the time I had gotten in the shower, they were already feeling fatigued and tight.  I love that any arm/leg workout with TRX also works your core too.  Win-win.  I’m definitely looking forward to the “extra boost” in my workouts.  I was tired of the plateau – working out without the results!


Uh…Awkward…? Any awkward moments out there anyone cares to share?  I hate to admit I kept to myself yesterday and today so there aren’t many awkward moments to share.  Aside from awkward touching/colliding during last night’s game and the mysterious brown “mud” that was on our court.  Poor Chris picked it up thinking it was a leaf…but then he couldn’t get it off his hands.  I advised him NOT to smell his hand and NOT to touch to ball.  Funny, right?!  Not touching the ball during a volleyball game…tee-hee.


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