Hurt So Good

The credit for today’s post idea must be given to John Mellencamp… Sunday’s “gospel workout” was a killer.  1 1/2 hours of cardio (not all at once) and 30-40 minutes of leg/weight workouts.  WHEW!  Here’s an outline:

  • 3-mile run.  HOLLERRRR.  (With no achy foot last night either! Double Holler)
  • 40 minute “race” hill/interval bike ride
  • nearly 200 squats/squat-kicks
  • 3 sets of lunges (14 each leg) with two 15-lb dumbells
  • Hip adduction/abduction
  • Hamstring curls
  • nearly 100 stair (weight bench) steps.  (this is what is killing my glutes today, I’m afraid)
  • Ab workout
  • 20 more minutes on the recumbent bike for a cardio “cool” down

YOWZA!  I was pooped AND starving after this workout…and drenched.  A good sign of a great workout?  When my ponytail is drenched.  Mine was dripping.  HAWT!

Now, I’m sore.  But a good sore.  It “hurts so good”.  I guess I’m one of those annoying people that loves the feeling of being sore & tight from a new or hard workout.  I’m apologizing to Bye Week in advance if I can’t be my normal “dive for anything”-self tonight at the game.  Which is at 8:30. DUMB!

My legs were NOT happy about the hill/interval bike ride I planned out for this morning.  They finally dropped the ‘tude about half-way in.  Arms workout today, which is always my favorite because I feel like it’s “easier” than working my large muscle groups.  It’s a much slower pace.  Tomorrow is a “rest” day so I’m planning to tackle my first TRX workout!  I’m pretty excited – I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Today’s Kaldi’s coffee is “Highlander’s Grogg”.  It’s my favorite and it tastes like breakfast – more like pancakes, but not an overpowering sweetness.  I already have a headache this morning so I’m loading up on caffeine just to be safe.  It’s looking like a looooong, busy week with little to no weekend “regrouping” or resting so I’ve got to squelch the headache f-a-s-t (that spells fast…).  This Friday is our/my Box City event so I’m looking to spend the night at work on Friday and go out on a volunteer project Saturday morning with little to no sleep in my docket.  GAH!

Awkward Monday Moment: Yes, it’s 10:30, I’ve only been at work for 30 minutes, and I’ve already experienced an awkward moment.  I was standing in line for coffee.  Someone was at the register and there were 2 other girls chatting about which classes to sign up for.  I couldn’t really tell if they were in line or just loitering like college students tend to do.  So I am passing my “wait time” by looking at the TV that flashes powerpoint slides advertising events.  I had yet to see mine for Box City pop up, so I was looking for that (and zoning out a bit).  Then I heard 3 people at Kaldi’s say “EXCUSE ME!”.  When I turned, 3 people behind the counter were staring at me.  Apparently it was “my turn” to order and they’ve been asking if they could help me for a few minutes now.  Whoopsies…maybe this coffee will cure absentmindedness AND my headache.  Sheesh.



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