Nonstop Saturday

Up & at ’em at 7am this morning.  This is technically considered sleeping in by my standards, but this morning I could have gotten another hour or two with no complaints.  Which is odd since I normally wake up way too early on the weekends.

I was pretty excited for work today since I was taking students to a senior citizen assisted living complex for a “game day” (board games, cards, bingo, etc.).  We had such a great day! I was definitely among my “mental age group”.  Firstly, I was shocked that nearly EVERYONE showed up that signed up.  Huge success. Secondly, we had some pretty heated games of Uno and Bingo.  Seriously.  HEATED.  It was certainly a good time had by all.  I could play bingo for hours.  I was also involved in an interesting game of Life, which is way too complicated for 9-year olds (the minimum suggested age) and way too “real” for adults.

Speaking of Uno: when you were a kid and had to draw a color/number to match the card on the pile, did you keep drawing and drawing and drawing and drawing and drawing until you got a playable card, having millions of Uno cards in your hand? Or did you only draw one card and move on to the next player?  Apparently Uno has changed the rules to accommodate the wimpy kid population that exists these days so that you only have to draw one card.  Um…that defeats the whole purpose of Uno.  Seriously, kids are too soft these days…just sayin’.

After work I rushed home for a 2-minute shower (it’s a wonder I didn’t get some serious razor burn from shaving my legs so horrifyingly fast) to take Hobbes to meet a potential new “brother” at Petco.  This new “brother” wasn’t there like he was supposed to be, but it was fun to see the other irresistible doggies.  I really, really, really, really want one.  Not sure I’m read to take the plunge yet.

More nonstop-ness continued with stops:

  1. Hallmark to purchase November birthday cards (I’m on top of my game this year) & some ornaments
  2. Target for typical randoms but I ended up buying a child-size Cardinals World Champions sweatshirt.  It is pretty awesome being small.  Clothes/shoes = cheap.
  3. Hibbett Sports for Jeff to browse
  4. Chef Shoppe to look for some small loaf pans that were found and bought.  I took advantage of their free coffee sample too.  Yum!
  5. Sears for Jeff to browse to potentially use his $50 gift card.  Nothing was purchased but we took advantage of complimentary bottled water.  Which was awkward since we didn’t buy anything…
  6. Schnucks to purchase more prunes because I’m obsessed with them and I’m a senior citizen.  We also bought supplies for our Greek Turkey Burger dinner.
  7. Back to Target for a forgotten intended purchase the first time around.
  8. Video game store for Jeff to browse.

4 1/2 hours later – I. was. pooped.  But dinner was a success:  Grilled turkey burger (Jennie O 95/5), whole wheat toast, grilled onions, spinach, kalamata olives, and fat-free feta & peppercorn feta.  WOW.  So tasty.

Awkward Saturday moment:  Driving the university shuttle bus to the service project.  This is the largest vehicle one can drive without upgrading their driver’s license.  I was nerrrrvouuussss.  I panicked at first when I couldn’t figure out which button opened the “bus-style” doors.  I awkwardly started pushing buttons praying I wouldn’t blow up the shuttle…take a look at this similar “bad boy”:

HA!  Can you picture ME driving that “thang”?!  Too funny.  Too awkward for words.


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