Granola Overdose

Since I didn’t have to get up early to workout this morning I stayed up “late” to make more granola recipes.  Keep in mind “late” meant I wasn’t physically in bed by 10pm.  I was laying in bed, watching ‘Friends’, but didn’t make it past 10:30.  I only knew it was 10:30 because a new episode had just started…  ANYHOO….

Back to the granola:  I made one batch of almond butter granola  and one batch of peanut butter granola.   I couldn’t keep my grubby little hands off of either once they came out of the oven.  It made my place smell AMAZING.  The peanut butter granola is my favorite, but the almond butter granola has a little extra kick with the flaxseeds (forgot to mention I added flaxseeds to mine).  I swiped some powdered peanut butter from Jeff  (“swipe” isn’t the right verb since he did give me permission…HA!) so now I’m trying to think of ways to implement that into a granola.  He has some sugar free honey (AKA fake honey) so I might try that for some “no sugar, no fat” granola.  Could be interesting.  Side note, the almond granola is nearly half gone…I’m somewhat ashamed…Somewhat.

Happy Friday to all!!  It’s my Thursday, but whatever.  I went through Safe Zone training today.  What is Safe Zone training, you may ask?  Check it out!  This is an example of a Safe Zone training.  At ours we did the “Star exercise” and it left me with a horrible feeling in my stomach.  I’m certainly an LGBT ally (have been for some time) and have been through other trainings before, but this activity hit so close to home:

  1. Write your name in the middle of the star
  2. In one of the points of the star, write the name of a very close friend.  This could be your best friend, anyone you share your personal thoughts and feelings with
  3. In the next point, write the name of a group or organization your belong to (church group, work group, group of friends, extracurricular group, etc.)
  4. In the next point, write the name of a close family member you have always gone to for advice.  You have always felt close to this person and they know “what makes you tick”.
  5. In the next point, write your dream job (it could be  your current job, or a job you would love to do one day).
  6. In the last point, write your hopes, goals, and ambitions.

    You can follow the rest of the activity here:  It should pull up a Word doc.

Kind of eye opening isn’t it?  It made me sick to think of losing close friends and family that I love so dearly.  Given that I’m so accepting of the LGBTQI community, it made me so sad to think of those that are losing family, friends, hope, their jobs, and everything simply because people aren’t supportive of their lives and identity.  Stupid.

Awkward Friday Moment:  Role playing.  GOSH do I HAAAATE role playing.  With a passion.  It was one of the activities during the Safe Zone Training.  Fortunately, we all had sense of humors and we’re used to working in respectful environments , but good grief, I still hated it.  I even felt awkward when I was simply observing the others role playing.  Certainly not the ideal activity for an already awkward introvert that prefers to “blend in”.


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