Today’s Lesson: Gym Etiquette

I meant to write this yesterday, but things got crazy.  However, I encountered several gym etiquette issues this morning, so this still fits nicely with today’s theme.

This article popped up in my Facebook newsfeed courtesy of Runner’s World…the one magazine that makes me feel like a kid at Christmas when it comes in the mail: Gym Etiquette

All of his S’s really irk me.  Let’s start with Sights:  I HAAATE seeing a woman wearing only a sports bra.  Even if she has a rockin’ bod.  Granted, if it’s July in St. Louis and she’s running outside, then run naked for all I care.  But in the gym? Wearing a breathable tank top isn’t going to make you overheat.  Just sayin’.

Sounds:  I typically don’t mind hearing some macho manly man grunt when he’s lifting an insane amount of weight.  I usually just think he looks ridiculous and gross and tune him out.  But the chatting on cell phones kills me.  The gym should be “me time”.  Seriously, for most, gym time is only about 1 hour.  You owe at least one hour to yourself.  I get that it’s hard to find a time to chat with friends and family.  But do it in the car on the way to or from the gym.  If I can hear you with my earbuds in, you are talking. too. loud.

Smells: Sweaty people stink.  I know I do.  And once or twice, in my 4am fog I’ve forgotten to put on deodorant.  Now, I keep some in my gym bag just in case.  So I’ll occasionally let a little stinkiness slide.  But downright offensive BO is just hard to handle.  Once at the gym, a woman was on the elliptical next to mine with BO/odor soooo bad I had to pretend I was wiping my face with my towel just to get a few minutes of odor-free sanity.  I eventually cut my cardio short because I just couldn’t take it.  She was also watching one of the church channels on TV and kept shouting “MMMhmmm!!”, “AMEN!”, and “Thank you Jesus!”.  Props to her for having strong faith.  Although, I have had long runs when I do say “Oh God”…but it’s more from pain than praise.

SPACE:  This one drives me cuh-razy.  If there are 5 available treadmills in a row, please do not decide to run on the treadmill right next to mine.  Similar concept to the the urinal rule for guys.  Last Sunday I was on the bike for my last 20 minutes (and having a not-so-great-smell day…I’ll admit it).  Another guy gets on a bike next to mine (when there are three more bikes available).  He peddles away for a few seconds, then gets off and goes to one 2 away from mine.  At the time I felt bad and thought it was bc I was pretty stanky…but then I comforted myself in realizing he was breaking a major space rule.  So there.

Singles:  Even if you’re not hitting on me, I don’t want to be stared at or talked to.  Unless we’ve had a passing conversation or laugh before and you just wanted to say “Hi” or “How’s training” or “How’s the foot” or “How’s work”, etc.  And if I’m huffing and puffing on the treadmill or bike, chances are I won’t be able to hold a conversation without gasping for air.  So time it accordingly.

The guy with a staring problem was back at the gym this morning.  Not only did he turn around on the treadmill several times to see what I was doing, he stared at another woman doing planks next to him.  What the crap?!  I was so tempted to stop dead in my tracks and say “I CAN SEE YOU!!!!”.  Maybe next time…or not…

Lighter weight workout today, harder cardio.  My legs didn’t feel too bad from my leg workout yesterday so I powered it out on the bike with hard hill intervals.  I added more weights to my ab and arm workouts today though.  So my arms may be screaming at me tomorrow.  We’ll see.


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