November’s Senior Citizen of the Month Award

This is probably the most random post yet…brace yourselves.  Sorry if my life puts you to sleep today.

Ah, yes.  November is here.  One of my favorite months.  I just love Thanksgiving.  It’s a stress-free, family/food-filled day.  It’s just so perfect.  Not to mention the weather is deliciously crisp – not too cold, not too warm.   Although November happens to be one of my crazier months at work, but I’ve fastened my seat belt and I’m ready to go!  Speaking of work – I just can’t get going today.  I was so productive yesterday that I think I used up all my “productivity fuel”.  Does any one else experience that?  I had to cash in on some coffee to pump myself up.  “Cash” isn’t really the right word since I had a full Kaldi’s punch card which meant FREE COFFEE.  Those two words look so good together 😉
Today was a much needed “rest day”.  It was nice to sleep a little longer this morning!  Last night, I took a warm bath with epsom salt to ease some of the soreness in my glutes and inner thighs.  The soreness wasn’t AWFUL, but I just wanted to speed up the recovery process.  It really seemed to help.  It brought me back to my marathon training days when a long soak was required after a long run to help with the inflammation.

I got my 2 pairs of Naturalizer flats in the mail yesterday!  I was so excited but nervous when I opened the boxes.  Not sure if they would fit or if they would even look as cute in person.  Well, yes and yes.  They felt SO GOOD on my feet – solid sole and a good snug fit.  Just what my rebellious 25-year old feet need.  Best $150 investment I’ve made yet.  In fact, I’ll probably buy more pairs in different colors.  A girl can never have too many shoes.

One of the two pairs...

I LOVE the navy flats, but I just don’t have much to wear them with.  They’d “blend in” too much with my dark jeans (I never wear a light wash denim… unless I’m wearing my converse 🙂 ).  Honestly, I have yet to break in my converse.  They rub so badly on the back of my heal (with or without socks).  How do people manage to wear these allllll the time?

Similar to my pair...but mine have a "double tongue" which makes more of a fashion statement. Truth.

Random: I have been obsessed with prunes.  You know those kind that are individually wrapped?  Yes, I know this puts me on the same level as my grandmother (especially since I now wear Naturalizers…), but they are sweet and keep me from craving sweets (for the most part…).


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