Whoa, Crazy

Hey, Monday!  Since I don’t know what weekends feel like any more, you’re starting to feel just like any other day.  A plus side to working at least one day on the weekends.

Workout summary from this morning: Success.  Since I kicked my own butt yesterday with some extra cardio and an “uppage” in reps and weight in my weight workout, I went a little lighter this morning.  Literally on the “kicking my own butt”.  My glutes are crazy sore.

  • 30 minutes on the bike (Hill intervals on level 3…nice and easy)
  • Arm stuff: dips, pull downs, rows, curls, etc.
  • 90 ab twists with a 12-lb ball
  • 100 kettle bell swings
  • 15 minutes on the elliptical (more intervals)

I know you’re excited.  I was starving after the workout.  Apparently I divvied up my Clif Bar by less than my normal half-bar amount pre-workout.  I had my traditional egg white sandwich for breakfast (2 pieces of whole wheat toast, 1 egg white, jelly, thin layer of almond butter). YUM!

The craziness hit the fan at work today.  It was a good, busy crazy.  I’ll take that over “everything’s going wrong” crazy any day.

Dinner tonight was a quick “throw it all together” night.  I defrosted some chicken, threw in some balsamic vinaigrette, minced garlic, and dried thyme and let it all hang out together for about 45 minutes.  I should have done this in the morning, but who is honestly craving dinner during breakfast?  And if you are, you still have 9 hours to hold on to that craving.  Just sayin’.   Warmed up some whole wheat couscous and veggies and THAT’S a meal, folks.

I pretty much scarfed down dinner just so I could eat triple chocolate ice cream with crushed pretzels and powdered peanut butter.  Whatever, you know you only eat dinner so you can have dessert, too.

The moment has arrived, as promised, for my AWKWARD moments from my 1-night stay with strangers…

  1. Since I knew I’d be out late with the Cards game and I had to be up early to workout, I had to ask around to see who one of my roommates was.  I didn’t want to stumble in and stumble out with everyone already asleep.  I found one of my roommates and informed her.  This is just awkward in and of itself.
  2. When I ran back into the hotel to watch the last inning, I heard chatty voices in my room.  Because I’m weird, I ran downstairs to see if the game was on in the lobby bar.  It was a “fancy” bar, so no TV.  SO I ran BACK upstairs to bust in and say “CHANGE THE CHANNEL TO THE GAME!!!!”
  3. One of my roommates was a Cubs fan.  Double-boo.
  4. I shared a bed (smaller than a queen-size…) with said Cubs fan…who also looked, acted, and sounded like one of my friend’s moms.  This part was hilarious.  The sharing the bed with a stranger part…? Not so much.
  5. At one point in the night our backsides slightly touched…
  6. At 2 other points in the night our feet touched…
  7. We both were hanging on to our own sides for dear life!  I could tell we were both trying so hard not to turn over or move a lot throughout the night.  This made my senior citizen bod feel a little sore the next morning.

Anyone I’ve told about “sleeping with a stranger” has turned their nose up in disgust.  It was odd, yes, but in my “bed mate’s” defense, she was a good sport and was very sweet.  (I just said that in case she finds this blog and reads this post…)


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