Sweet Home, St. Louis!!

Ah, it’s good to be home from my quick jaunt up to Chicago for a civic reflection training for work.

In case any one missed Game 6 of the World Series…the good ol’ BIRDS pulled out an amazing come-back.  Don’t feel bad if you missed it.  I got so angry with the way the game was headed I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1).  I believe I fell asleep before the game was over.  I spent the night at my parents’ since they live seconds from the train station.  Good thing I packed my CARDS jersey!  I wore it all day Friday: on the train up, during my professional meetings (no shame), and during my “night on the town”.  Cardinals player represented on the back?  So Taguchi.  He is “small, but mighty”, just like me!

Oh, just a picture of me wearing my Cards jersey on the train up to Chicago.

After my meetings Friday night, I met up with a True SLU Friend for a great few hours of good food, beer, conversation, and baseball-watchin’.  She’s a cubs fan, but she graciously allowed me to sit facing the TVs at the DMK Burger Bar.  The food was AH-mazing!  We both had the Holy Guac-Aoili Burger: guacamole (duh), chorizo, Sonoma jack cheese, chipotle aioli, cilantro, and onions.  I opted out on the cilantro and onions.  The onions would kill me and the cilantro would make my burger taste like dish soap

One of the best parts of my Chicago trip included riding the ‘L” for the first time.  I felt like I was on ER while I was waiting for the train.  It was so exciting!  A big shout out to my dear friend Laura for driving all the way downtown to hang with me 🙂

Waiting on the platform with a view of DMK Burger Bar in the background...

The other GREAT part of my trip was watching the St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series!  Happy Flight, Torty, Rally Squirrel, and #11 in ’11 made for one of the most memorable play-off series.  So proud to be a part of Cardinal Nation!  I got back from dinner just in time to see the Cards knock out the last 2 outs in the top of the 9th. WOO!  It was bitter sweet for me since I wanted to be back in St. Louis to experience the awesomeness of it all.  The win was definitely lack-luster and a little bittersweet 5-hours north.

Baseball Heaven 🙂

Saturday continued with a wake-up call for the gym at the hotel.  When I got down to the fitness center, they wanted me to pay a $10 fee to “use the facilities”.   Seriously…?  Thoughts going through my mind:

  • I pay twice that amount for 4 weeks at my gym (approx 16-20 workouts for $20)
  • I wasn’t even planning on having a stellar workout – just a quick cardio, maybe some squats & lunges session
  • …$10?!  That’s practically a week’s worth of lunches for me!
  • Who in their right mind would pay $10 to WORKOUT?!  I’d pay $10 for a lot of things, but not for a single work-out session.
  • I just realized I won’t pay $10 for a 1-hr workout, but I have and will pay $70+ for a race…which is a super long and fun workout where I get a sweet medal and typically a sweet “free” t-shirt…Oh well…

So no workout in Chicago, but a great Day 2 of great reflecting and discussions.

Day 2 was ended with a dinner stop at Corner Bakery: my favorite Chicago food destination.  My order?  California Grille Panini:  Harvest bread, grilled zucchini, artichoke hearts, roasted tomatoes, pesto, fresh spinach, & provolone.  Good golly, Miss Molly.  It was GOOD!  Dessert= a handful of Garrett’s Chicago Mix.  My trip to Chicago was then considered complete.

Coming up tomorrow:  A huge list of AWKWAARDDDD moments from the 2-day trip.  Get excited! 🙂


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