Secret Weapon

I managed to work out this morning despite staying up “late” for the Cards game (That’s a winner!).  Workout line-up for today:

  • 20 min. Elliptical
  • Incline sit-ups w/10-lb. weight (5 sets of 15 reps)
  • Arm/weight exercises that I don’t feel like listing w/the reps/sets/weights, etc.
  • 2.5-mile run
  • 3 planks held for 1 minute each
  • Some other weird core-building pilates movement held for 50-counts each
  • ball crunches (lots)

Best part of the workout?  Need you even ask?!  My 2.5-mile run of course.  I really wanted to run 3 miles, but compromised and only ran 2.5 since I ran 4 miles on Tuesday and didn’t want to overdo it.  That additional 1/2 mile might have made my foot angry – we may never know.  I hit my “I FEEL GREATTTT” moment around mile 1.53 (to be exact).  My secret weapon to a great run?  Ok, 5 secret weapons:

  1. Glee Soundtrack version of “Like a Prayer”
  2. “Footloose”
  3. Mirrors – to help ensure I’m maintaining proper form.  Try this.  It seriously helps.  I mostly am looking at my feet placement so I lessen my “heel-striking” tendencies and to make sure I don’t under/over-pronate.  It also helps with “trunk placement”.
  4. Thumbs up.  Keeps the arms & upper body relaxed so you can actually enjoy the run.
  5. Lack of sleep.  Apparently I run better when I haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep.  Weird?  Maybe the over-production of adrenaline my body is desperately clinging to for basic functioning purposes is the ticket.

Now I am struggling to keep warm since my place of employment insists of having the AC on.  Yesterday I wore 2 fleeces and was still cold.  Today I ditched the other fleece so people wouldn’t think I wear clothing multiple times before washing it (which I do, but they don’t have to know that).  Don’t worry, I only wear my underwear once before it goes in the laundry 🙂

Seriously though.  It’s freeeeezing in our offices.  My “changing colors cup” – you know, the kind that turns red when a cold beverage is in it – is red.  CARDINAL RED, that is!

Awkward moment – The Gideon bible (little green bibles that are only New Testament) people are on-campus today.  As I’m walking in to my building, one of the gentlemen walked 1/4 of the way across the Quad to intercept.  I didn’t even make eye-contact with him to initiate this interception.  This wasn’t just your typical “reach out and hand someone a bible”.  It was a serious “go out of your way to hand out” situation.  It didn’t help that I was only 1 of 3 people walking in the Quad.  I recycled it once I got inside.  This is probably considered blasphemy by everyone but me, but I don’t need another little green New Testament.  I’ve gotten one each semester during my undergrad & grad years (so that’s 12 little bibles) PLUS today’s run-in.

No, I don’t still have all 12 little green bibles (or any, for that matter).  Plus, I’ve got  1 Precious Moments Bible at home, my bible from high school (translated for high schooler’s vocabulary, or lack-thereof), AND my Grandpa’s ancient bible he gave me when I was born.  Pretty sure I’m set.

Happiness:  We’re celebrating “National Bosses’ Day” today with a potluck.  Apparently I’m a boss so I didn’t have to bring anything in.  Scary thought isn’t it?  I’m a boss…HA! Crazy.


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