Rally Squirrel

So I think there’s a rally squirrel lurking around me…

Reason for such thoughts:

  1. Bye Week volleyball came back from behind to win (closely…in each game) this week’s 9:15pm game (more grievances on the time in a minute).  Most of us were sleepy since we’re nerds and are already in our PJs by 9:15 and I was battling coughing/”Can’t breath” fits.  Go us.
  2. I woke up feeling 80% better…crazy how only 6 1/2 hours of sleep is a magical ingredient.
  3. I “rallied” against my lungs to run 4 miles this morning – Woo and/or hoo!  Truly the longest distance I’ve run since February (dun dun dun…)

My day yesterday was vegetarian aside from the few bites of chili I ate when I got home from work.  It was a Texas-style chili with cinnamon and black beans.  I added an additional can of beans because the recipe only called for 1 can.  Seriously?  1 can?  Surely you jest!

Anyway, back to the 9:15pm volleyball game…9:15?!  Are you kidding me?!  I’m LITERALLY (this word annoys me…saving this for another post) in bed by 9:15.  I may not be sleeping, but I’m watching TV and only a few minutes from dozing.  So I, of course, was sleepy and crabby and already not feeling like my normal healthy self.  In this order: Lost, Won, Won.  Of course, I didn’t want to win the 2nd game after we lost the 1st because that meant we had to play ALLLLL the way to 25 in the 3rd game (instead of a fun 15).  But I’ll take the win any day.  I played less than fabulously and was grumpy the whole time.  Sorry Bye Week…

Since I didn’t get into bed until 11pm or so (just absurd), I wasn’t sure if I would work out this morning…but I did.  And I’m glad I did.  The running (4 miles! what what?!)  helped clear out the lungs although the weights made my heart rate and lungs work over-time.  Since they’re already a tad inflamed (or a lot), my poor little cardiovascular system just couldn’t keep up.  Funny how I could have kept running, but the weights pooped me out.  Maybe my lungs are obsessed with running too…who knows?!    My muscles just weren’t getting the oxygen they needed while I was “pumping iron”.

Tonight I plan to be lazy and make some pumpkin/peanut butter oatmeal for dinner and watch endless episodes of Man Men.  Don Draper is so dreamy.

Stressful day at work for this worry-wart introvert so I’ll leave the negativity where it belongs…

AWESOME Awkward Moment:  This one needs background info, and may take a while, so please don’t snooze…

I am somewhat acquainted with one of the other volleyball teams’ players.  Since he doesn’t really talk, we’ve never spoken even though we’ve been on a Trivia Night team together and he used to be in the choir with one of my friends.   At our volleyball games, I always wear my old high school volleyball practice “jersey” – it’s just a cut-off t-shirt that says “Marquette 2003” with a weird image of a volleyball player spiking.  We happened to be playing the team of the person I am “acquainted” with (bite me on the grammar please), and as we were shaking hands in between games I SWEAR he said “Good game Explorer.”  The Explorers is my high school mascot – He also happened to attend my high school a few years before I was there.  Because he is so soft-spoken and lacks so much confidence when he speaks, I’m NOT 100% sure that he said this…but given his shy/dorky demeanor, I’m pretty sure he did.  Not that there’s anything wrong w/being shy & dorky…I am too…I’m just cooler than he is.

SO anyway…last night his team played before ours.  I’m lacin’ up my sneaks before I warm up and a volleyball comes flying in my direction.  I duck & cover and see a “Blue Crew” shirt coming my way – this shirt is only characteristic to my high school.  I  think, “Hey! Wait a minute..!” as he’s coming over to retrieve the stray ball.

Reason this is awkward – did he wear this shirt because he saw my team played after his?  This shirt came out my Jr/Sr year – well after he had attended, so he had to have gotten it years ago from his sister.  It’s not like he rightfully “earned” this tshirt by attending during the years it was worn by students…Hm…  THEN after his game, as my team was taking the court, I could tell he was hesitating to say something to me (a shy dork realizes when another shy dork is wanting to get something out)…but I avoided him, because remember: I’m cooler than he is. Kidding! Sort of…


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