Weekend Outcome? Success. Go Cards!

The title of this post is pretty self-explanatory.  Woo World Series!  I, sadly, watched only a few minutes of the game.  I was in bed, floating in and out of consciousness, flipping through channels haphazardly around 7:30pm.  However, every time I turned to the game, we were ahead (by at least 2 runs each time) and it truly took 1 1/2 hours just to get to the top of the 3rd.  Yikes.

World Series 2011

Do it for Torty!

Remember my ENTIRE 2 DAY weekend I was super pumped about?  I spent most of it being sick with a cold.  Oh well – at least it didn’t knock me off my feet like my last cold when I actually had to call in sick…for a cold.  It did prevent me from my Sunday workout.  Which is totally bum-worthy.

I woke up and did my “How do I feel?” assessment.  I followed the biblical scripture of Runner’s World :  If your “sickness” is above the throat, go forth and run (you lucky dog!).  If your sickness is below the throat, stay home.  *Sigh*.  Mine had definitely  moved into my chest overnight and left my lungs feeling like they were torched.  My peak flows were lower than usual, so I grumbled and stayed home.  My Sunday workouts, as I’ve mentioned before, are the equivalent of most people’s church.  It’s the one workout day that I always feel that I’ve rocked out a great workout.  So when I miss my Sunday workout, I feel like I’m just an ordinary member of society and not recharged for the week (AKA feeling less guilty about all the smores bars I ate over the weekend…). Don’t get me wrong – it was glorious to stay in my jammies, watching the news, sipping on coffee for hours.

The weekend wasn’t a total flop.  I discovered the Mediterranean Wrap at Crazy Bowls & Wraps (today’s leftover lunch), made some FABULOUS smores bars, discovered 2 of the best sandwiches I’ve ever tasted from Whole Foods, froze 2 dinners and plenty of lunches, made a delicious pot of chili, and watched more episodes of Mad Men than I knew was possible.  Overall outcome = successful weekend.

Smores bars! Fabulous!

So onward I trudge into another week…at least I have some Cards games to look forward to!

Discussion worthy:  I actually could qualify as a vegetarian.  When I stop to think about it, my breakfast and lunch usually doesn’t involve meat.  Nearly half of the time, my supper doesn’t either…Weird.  I don’t seek out to be a vegetarian, and never would be since I do enjoy meat products.  Who can pass up a pork steak or brat?  Yummmm!  Any one else that’s not a self-defined vegetarian experience this too?
In other “diet” news, I just read an article that says a little bit of candy can lead to a smaller waste line.  Eating a small amount of sweets each day prevents the binging that occurs when you cut yourself off from the deliciousness.  I couldn’t agree more…although I don’t binge on candy, I will binge on sweet treats.

Not many awkward moments from this weekend to share.  Sorry to fail the “awkward” theme.


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