Creepy Snickers Ad

It’s baaaaaaack….Yes, the horribly creepy Snickers ad is back for the Halloween candy season.  Never seen it?  “Let me help you” (GAH! even picturing the creepy lady say that creeps me out!):

Oh my goodness.  It makes me want to hide my eyes.

Guess what?!  I have 2 whole days to my weekend.  WHAT?! Crazy.  Let me explain.  My job requires me to work a few Saturdays for a few hours with the volunteer projects.  Please know I am NOT complaining about that.  I love it.  What I don’t love is the feeling/fact that I don’t get a full 48-hour weekend.  Sure, I get to come in late (by 10 or 10:30) the following Monday, but it’s not even close to having a full 2-day weekend.  I know I’ve mentioned previously that I haven’t had a full weekend since July. And I haven’t.  Soooo I’m pretty excited, to say the least.

Rant/Awkward Moment: (This was an awkward moment mostly because I didn’t know how to respond quickly to make my point & raise awareness w/o offending this student or making them feel awkward.  Weird how I sacrifice my own feelings/awkwardness so others don’t have to feel that way…)

I was meeting with a non-traditional student and he/she was discussing their weight issues after an unforeseen job loss.  This student then went on to say “Well, I bet you can eat whatever you want and not worry about a thing.”  Um, wrong.  This is a big pet peeve of mine.  Granted, this student meant no harm when saying this, “but I’m just sayin”…Mostly because I DO have to watch what I eat, I DO have to workout to maintain my weight/fitness levels, and I DO worry about my weight just like anyone else.  Eating 4 slices of pizza on Friday night will go straight to my hips and make me feel awful (both physically and psychologically) just like someone trying to lose weight.  Eating a cookie after lunch means I don’t get dessert after dinner.  Eating poorly for lunch means I eat cereal or yogurt for dinner.  I don’t get up at 4am to work out because it’s “fun”.  What’s “fun” is the immunity boost, the endorphins, the noticeable results, and the cyclical “health” benefits that come from it.  So there.  Ok, I’m down from my soapbox now…Life can go on.

I’m sure others can relate with things like this, not necessarily weight-related.  Things that people think come naturally to you, when you really have to work at it just like everyone else… Seriously people.  A little sensitivity here & there would be great.

Happy freakin’ Friday all…   Woo!!


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