Can I MingleStick you…?

Just got back into town from the MoCPA (Missouri College Personnel Association) Conference held at the Lake of the Ozarks.  It was certainly a great time: good company, good presentations, great view, great weather, great colleagues, fascinating discussions on social justice, Jessica Pettitt, a boat/booze cruise around the lake, etc., etc., etc.  But now I am le tired.  Conferences always leave me terribly inspired, exhausted, and/or sick.  This one did all 3.  Yay.

Yay Student Affairs geeks 🙂

Also something awesome that happened at the conference:  I was one of 25 winners of a MINGLESTICK!!!  What’s a minglestick you say?  THESE are minglesticks:

I suppose it’s a sustainable way to share contact information (as opposed to business cards, I suppose).  In my opinion, minglesticks are like Snuggies.  Horribly silly and geeky, but I’ve made fun of them so much, that now I think they’re cool…in a really nerdy, network-y way.  SO now I have a minglestick and I only got “minglesticked” once.  Lame.  But who cares…I HAVE A MINGLESTICK…and you don’t.

This weekend I plan to bake and make “freezer meals” (both for lunch & dinner) so life is easier.


Awkward Moment:  The smallness of the conference (140 attendance) meant I had to “mingle” more than ideal amount with people I didn’t know.  By the end of the conference, I didn’t feel awkward.  BUT, after my presentation, one of the attendees asked, “Sarah, can I minglestick you?” so he and his supervisor could have my email with questions related to the research.   Uh…sure!

This awkward moment is also my “Happiness moment”.  I got minglesticked! YESSS!


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