Quality vs. Quantity vs. Snakes

Major “fail” on the workouts this week…However, I always struggle with the quality vs. quantity argument with everything in life.  The 2 workouts I managed to get in did leave me pretty sore after some new weight exercises and my 3-mile run & 1-hr elliptical workout did not leave my foot sore. Woo!  I’m planning on starting to do TRX workouts (with suspension ropes).   Hopefully that will get me over the workout results plateau.  I refuse to pay $150 for the official TRX stuff, so I will have to hit up Home Depot for the materials and find a way to rig it all together. 

I was just too sore this morning (from the workouts and my flu shot…pathetic) so I stayed in bed and got extra sleep.  Since sleep burns calories, I’d say it was a justifiable action to take.  Plus, sleep deprivation is worse than missing a work out.  I often joke that my cause of death will still be a heart attack or stroke even though I eat annoyingly healthily and am a workout Nazi simply because of my ever-accumulating sleep deprivation.  How unfortunate is that?  My whole healthy lifestyle was inspired by a family history of heart disease.  I’m determined to beat the odds and prove to science that it may not be as genetic as once thought.  Think about it – our family members that suffer from artery clogs and heart disease smoked, ate poorly (by today’s standards), and didn’t exercise simply because it just wasn’t part of the culture.  I’ll let you know in 75 years if my hypothesis is correct.  And that 100-year mark is totally possible.  My grandma lived to be 93.  My great-grandmother lived to the ripe-old age of 103.

Back to the quality vs. quantity argument: how in the world do people work out every. single. day?!  I always strive for 4 times per week.  5 times per week is ideal, but I usually end up injuring myself or getting sick from being worn down from early morning (lack of sleep) workouts and just running myself down by not giving myself enough rest days.  So 4 days is usually my limit.  But seriously! EVERY DAY?!  I consider it a treat to stay in bed until 6am on non-workout days.  Sheesh!

Upcoming workout goals: use my Boot Camp Groupon and my Hot Yoga Groupon.  I’m pretty excited for both!  Marathon training is scheduled to begin January 1st.  Game on!

Happiness: The fun-size Snickers bar I have in my lunch today.  I feel like a little kid again.  My dad used to sneak a mini Butterfinger or candy corn in my lunch – even when I still lived at home and was going to work.  Good memories.

Sadness:  Dexter’s main “killer” this season uses snakes.  The accomplices gut the victims, put pregnant snakes in the dead bodies, and sew them back up.  My horrrrrrible fear of snakes may prevent me from watching this season.  Sad 😦

Awkward: A woman broke the bathroom stall rule today.  Instead of choosing from the 10 other stalls that were vacant, she followed me as I entered mine, to the stall next to me.  Dude…seriously?  I didn’t need any additional space, but it doesn’t matter.  You just don’t decide to “go” right next to someone else unless you have to.  Come’on people!


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