My Job’s Better than YOUR Job

This week alone my job has required me to judge a golf cart parade, drive said golf carts, judge a karaoke contest, and dance the Electric Slide w/students in the university center.  Oh, and I almost got run over by a recliner during the Recliner Races.  Just a few of the perks of student affairs…

This week has been the wonderfully inspirational type.  One of those that makes you sit back and think “THIS is EXACTLY what I’m supposed to be doing.  THIS is my calling.”  It’s easy in this profession to get bitter, frustrated, and just plain exhausted.  Even now I have to work really hard at it.  College students/faculty/staff sure know how to suck the life out of you sometimes, especially with all the changes that happen each semester & each school year.  But this week has been full of meeting phenomenal and inspired students, successes, positive meetings, wonderful colleagues & networking opportunities, and great programming ideas.  Sorry for being a cheese ball.  But truly, what a huge RELIEF to 1) know what you want to do for the rest of your life, and 2) to actually be doing that!  What a blessing!

Volleyball Update:  Bye Week = 4-0.  Go us!  We had several “beast-like” plays this week…awesome spikes, sweet digs, one AMAZING block, lots of “lay outs”.  Of course, the season/game wouldn’t be complete without someone serving the ball into the back of Chris’ head or without a little sassy talking-back to the other team (courtesy of yours truly – did you expect anything different?).  Oh how I wish my grade school/high school volleyball refs (Candy Cane & Turtle) would ref our YMCA rec-league games.  They’d really slam the other teams for all those lifts, “throws”, illegal attacks on the serve, and “shovels”.  Exciting, I know…


Boo hoo = Got my flu shot today at work.  While it was free, I’m now feeling crabby and tired and I can’t move my arm.  What do they put in those shots anyway?!  Geeze…

Happiness: I have been sleeping like a rock since my move.  Must be from FINALLY getting a quiet night’s sleep with NO worries of bugs, gross-apartment-ness, etc.  I’ve always been the sleeper that practically never moves in my sleep.  Lately, I’ve been all over the place – waking up diagonally on the other side of my bed with pillows everywhere.

I’m Awkward:  The karaoke judging experience was slightly awkward…it was fun and the students were actually very talented.  BUT, since I would NEVER be caught dead singing karaoke (even among my nearest & dearest family & friends), I felt uneasy watching everyone else perform.  Having attention drawn to myself (unless I’m in control of the situation) will make me turn every shade of red (nearly to the point of purple), a trait I did not know I had until recently.  Apparently I’m a “blusher”.  Which is also awkward since everyone will say “Oh my gosh you are SO red!”…Great…thanks for bringing MORE attention to me.  I appreciate it.  But anyhoosier – simply the act of watching someone sing karaoke made me feel awkward & uneasy.  Wow.


2 thoughts on “My Job’s Better than YOUR Job

  1. I so totally relate to this awkward moment. I get embarrassed for people on TV shows (not reality tv either) for doing stuff like that. And it’s so nice when people embarrass you even further by drawing attention to the red blotchy hives you have from ALREADY being embarrassed.

    • Ah yes! Sometimes I have to change the channel if something is too awkward. There was one particular episode of The Office where Michael was being so awkwardly obnoxious, it was just too painful to watch.

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