McDonald’s + Cookies + Heavy Lifting = Zombie

And a very happy Monday morning to all…I slept fabulously in my new mold-free, bug-free, clean, bright apartment.  And I couldn’t be happier.  A run-down of this weekend’s events:

Yesterday morning I woke up at 6am to get the “Lease Flee of 2011” started.  After my first load of odds & ends (that you HAVE to wait to take until the last minute) at 6:30am my stomach/brain said “You need an Egg McMuffin.  And hash browns. And a large coffee”.  To keep my strength up, of course.  Then I proceeded to eat 6 spoons of peanut butter & apple butter when I got back from McDonald’s.  Then my wonderful mother brought me a whole cup of Toll House cookie dough (which I consumed with my coffee at 8am).  Then between all the heavy lifting (a little credit, please…I lifted everything but the washer & dryer) I consumed about 20 of the baked Toll House cookies that my mom so generously baked the night before.  It’s a good thing she did because I was pretty awesome with the way I was lifting my dressers and couch (heavy couch) into the back of a pickup.  Please, please, hold your applause.  [Insert “small, but mighty” here]

So today when I’m going to pour what is labeled as “skim milk” into my $1 refill at Kaldi’s, you could imagine my angst when I realized the half & half and skim milk are labeled incorrectly.  Oh the HORROR of consuming the fat-ridden half & half after my weekend of poor food choices.  Oh well, it did make my coffee more delicious than the skim milk would have.  Always a bright side 🙂  Now I secretly hope someone will accidentally put REAL mayo on my Subway sandwich for dinner…fingers crossed!

Happiness:   I cracked the sliding door to let some of the crisp, fall morning air in while I continued with my massive piles of laundry (aka: de-bugging).  I drank my morning coffee and read the newspaper on the FLOOR this morning, while leaning against the couch.  No, the couch is not covered in boxes or things needing to be put away.  I simply sat on the floor because it’s clean, soft, and bug-less.  And it was the most beautiful floor I have ever sat on.

Happiness 2: Hooray for SIUE Homecoming which means I get to wear a university-provided homecoming t-shirt today (with my university-provided fleece pullover).  So glad I had comfy clothes to wear on a day when I didn’t have the strength to choose my own clothes.

AWKWARD:  While ordering my $1 Kaldi’s refill this morning, the cashier said “Would you like a copy of your receipt?”.  Between being in a fog and the sound of the barista steaming milk, I thought she said “Would you like coffee or tea?”…um…lady, I just ordered (and paid for) COFFEE…are you dumb…?  So I reply “…coffee…” and look at her in a confused state.  When in all reality it’s me.  I’M the idiot.  An awkward idiot.  Oh well.

Only 5 days til Friday.  I’m still counting all of Monday as 1 day since it’s still Monday morning.  Dexter and House will be waiting for me on the DVR tonight.  So happy 🙂


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