Wish List(s)

Everyone has them… With my previous job I couldn’t afford much more than an extra box of cheerios at the end of each month.  It’s so easy to come up with a wish list when your money tree just isn’t growing.

Here’s mine (keep in mind, most of the items are preventative since I’m just waiting for the things I own to die given their age):

  1. New, bug-free apartment
  2. New laptop.  Mine dates back to 2006.  I was mocked by an IT guy for still using Word 2003.  It’s not terribly slow, exactly.  It just isn’t reliable. And my battery only lasts about 20 minutes (to the second) unplugged.
  3. New phone.  The smart fancy kind.  My phone is about 3  years old.  I didn’t even know I was capable of keeping a phone alive that long.  It’s starting to betray me though.  I don’t NEED an additional $40 added to my phone bill, and I truly can’t stand it when people are ALWAYS checking their phone in public…especially when they’re out to dinner…with me.  But anyway…
  4. New car.  Please note I plan to keep my car until it’s no longer worth dumping money into it for repairs.  I’ve had my sweet Lucy Goosey for nearly 7 years and haven’t had to have anything fixed aside from typical things (brakes, belts, shocks, etc.)  Just waiting for the shit to hit the fan with this one…and it’s going to be a lot of shit with a really big fan.  I can just feel it.  So I need to start saving. Now.
  5. New GPS/HRM for runnninggggggg.  One that doesn’t lose GPS signal when it’s cloudy. Or when I’m near the bluffs.  I can’t escape the bluffs.  Whether I run in Alton or the Glen Carbon/E-ville area…bluffs.  Everywhere.  I’m tired of remembering that I’ve run 5 miles once I pass that one rock by that one tree.  And for some reason, it loses signal in Granite City…apparently Granite City doesn’t exist according to global tracking devices…HA!
  6. New bike.  I don’t especially care for biking, but keep in mind I have a Huffy from Target that I got when I was 12.  It’s a beaut!  I hate to trash-talk her, but I want a road bike so I can go fast (psheeewww!) and fit in with the cool kids on the bike trails.  I started on the bike just to keep my cardio somewhat up to par after my stress fracture just wouldn’t goooo awaayyyyyy.  So I went into it with a greater love for running.  Sorry Ms. Bike.
  7. Doggie.  I want one so bad.  When I first moved/grew up I knew I wanted one, but I had the same logical reasons for not getting one: I could barely afford to take care of myself, I was never home, I traveled 6 months out of the year for work, I didn’t want to deal with caring for another living being, etc.  Now I’m ready. I think.  It’s a big  plunge to take…
  8. A good pair of flats.  Not the $12 pairs from Target that are so cute, but the $60 pair from the Naturalizer store because my feet need some TLC.  And I’m only 25…I’ve got a long road ahead for these tootsies…and a lot of miles to run.  So, they need to be in tip top shape.
  9. Hostess Devil’s Food Donettes…Please tell me you’ve seen them at your grocery stores.  Chocolate mini donuts covered in chocolate frosting.  Heaven.  I’ve resisted purchasing them for weeks.  I even put them in my cart last weekend, then stashed them in another aisle when reality hit that I’d probably eat the whole bag in a matter of days.  Lame.

Happy National Coffee Day!  And Happy “Jimmy John’s subs are only $1” Day!  And tomorrow’s Friday.

Awkward/gross moment from this morning:  My bathtub hasn’t been draining properly for several weeks and since I hate my landlord I refuse to contact him to fix it let alone fix it myself.  Especially since I’m sure it’s someone else’s nasty hair clogging the drain – a thought that makes me gag.  By the end of my morning shower (I don’t take long showers), the water is clear up past my ankles.  Sick.  I have found that a plunger works for a few days on the drain.  I lift up my plunger (that I put away dry from the last time I plungered the bathtub – 2 weeks ago)…and a dead water bug takes the place where my plunger once sat. OMG.  Hence, my move this weekend.  Then I thought of all the times I was in the bathroom, unaware of the waterbug fighting for its life under my plunger.


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