Holy Sore Hamstrings, Batman!

Gah!  Remember how I said I nuked my quads yesterday?  I failed to mention my hamstrings were already tight from all the bending/lifting boxes this past weekend.  So I decided to run, do an insane leg workout (with leg curls…dumb), and play volleyball without stretching yesterday.  This morning consisted of me praying my legs didn’t give out before I made it to the bathroom.  Good thing today was a “rest day”.

Volleyball game recap: Bye Week is now 3-0.  Last night’s game (at 8:30pm…who does that?  I’m already in my PJs by then!) was a snooze.  Between the yawns and nearly falling asleep at the net from boredom, I didn’t even break a sweat.  We won despite all the opposing team’s uncalled lifts, “backward plow” moves, and attacks on our serves.  And no one got hurt or collided into.  I’m just waiting for the ball to drop on this one.

Happiness for today: finding my ipod last night! WOO!  It was tucked away amidst all my store & restaurant coupons in my purse.  Hooray!

Awesomeness for today: I received a ‘thank you’ in the mail from my boss’s boss for helping with the University’s 10th Anniversary 9/11 Observance.  I really just thought I was doing my job…How’s that for continued motivation?  Love. This. Place.


Awkward moment of the day: Ok, so this didn’t happen today but it’s awkward and a must-share.  At a good friend’s wedding, we were huddled together in a room in the banquet center of their reception because of an impending tornado spotted only miles from our “party”.  I had enjoyed a few glasses of wine before her mother-in-law came up to chat with me.  She proceeded to tell me how she and a few others couldn’t help but notice that I look like Reese Witherspoon.  Not the first time hearing this, I said “Oh thanks, I get that a lot.  Actually we were all talking earlier how you reminded us of Stevie Nicks.”  GREAT compliment, eh?  Uh…well she did – not her looks of course, just her hair & flowy dress.  She acted like she was either surprised of this or didn’t really get it.  Oh boy…turns out I’m awkward AND classy.


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