Weekend Recovery = Caramel Brownies

Oh my…

As of 9:30 this morning I’d already written 5 things on my hand, eaten 2 gooey caramel brownies, and spent longer than I had wanted to on the phone with AT&T to switch over my account to my new apartment.  Sadly, it’s not really lined up to be a crazy day.  I feel like I need another weekend to recover from my weekend.  Worst way to start out a work week.

Yesterday (aka Sunday Runday), I skipped my workout.  I neverrrrr miss my Sunday workout – it’s like my “church”.  However, I was just too sore and tired from moving nearly all of my belongings the day before to my new apartment.  Plus, with my senior citizen back still being a little iffy, I was afraid of over-doing it.  I’ll admit…I gave it a good faith effort.  I set my alarm and gave an honest assessment as it went off at 7am.  I’m doing better about listening to my body instead of insisting I get in my weekly workouts.  So today, my 4am alarm went off and I obediently went to the gym, ran 2 1/2 miles (up 1/2 mile, people!!) pedaled my little booty away on the bike and nuked my quads during my leg-designated workout.  Whew!  I needed to burn off all the homemade chili, Special K Chocolate Delight cereal, and 2 helpings of Edy’s low sugar triple chocolate ice cream… whatever.  Apparently Kellogg’s does not think filling the box with enough chocolate chunks for each bite of cereal is necessary.  I happen to disagree.

Cereal just tastes better from a cup...no? Ok fine, maybe not...but it does help with portion control...except when you eat half the box in little cup increments.

Breakfast consisted of my 2 huge cups of hazelnut coffee, 1 whole wheat English muffin topped w/peanut butter & apple butter, and brown cow strawberry Greek yogurt w/ 1 tbsp of flaxseeds.  Yum!  Those 2 caramel brownies I had don’t count toward any meal…I like to call it a phantom meal…I don’t count it toward my daily calories since apparently my mental/emotional state needed those brownies immediately or it would cease to function.  Besides, I needed them to get me through my long day:  I’m interviewing the Homecoming King candidates until 7pm tonight, followed by a riveting rec league volleyball game.  No one’s gotten hurt yet, and I’m long overdue for someone to punch me, collide into me, or bite me.  Yes, someone bit me last season.  We’re pretty hard core (OBVIOUSLY).

Happiness = this time next week I will be reunited with my belongings in my newwww apartment.

Sadness = not being able to find my insanely-dated ipod…luckily I’m not as ipod dependent during my workouts as I used to be, but it’d be a much less anxiety-filled day if I could find this expensive purchase.


Awkward moment = My bladder woke me up around midnight last night…and, let’s just say my upstairs neighbor is a “cough puker”.  I had a “hands up on my head, rocking back & forth, ‘Hot water burn baby'” moment as I was trying to fall back asleep.  Lost?  Check out Rain Man.


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