Crabtastic Pick-Me-Up

One word describes today:  Crabtastic.

It started off with a shift in my routine.  I had to present to a Speech Communication class about service-learning at 8am.  I didn’t mind doing so, I just had to get to work a little earlier than usual.  This isn’t a big deal to me, but college students sitting in an 8am class hate anything that breathes at 8am.  And I’m pretty sure they hate their lives too based on their lack of response.  I’m the type of speaker that hones in on someone that I can “feed” off of for energy during presentations.  I couldn’t find ANYONE.  Even the only student that actually spoke up when I asked questions (to get everyone involved, of course) was less than enthusiastic about life.  Oh college students…most days I love you and defend you.  Other days you make me hate my job and I wish to strangle you.

I actually enjoy public speaking, particularly if the topic pertains to a passion of mine.  HOWEVER, the professor failed to provide me details that the students already had their service-learning projects set up…so, uh…why did you need me to come to class…at 8am…?  When I asked them how many hours they had to fulfill, they had NO IDEA!!!!  Their response: “uh, I dunno…enough to give a presentation about it.”  Wow…your professor is awesomely organized.  Plus, there were cell phones that were apparently more interesting than my presentation and I had the opportunity to make the students feel more awkward than they were making me feel (how dare them).  That was the only fun part of the presentation.

I told myself not to get a $1 refill from Kaldi’s today…I really shouldn’t consume caffeine, I wasn’t tired, and I already had 2 large cups of (decaf) coffee this morning before work.  BUT it’s cold, foggy/cloudy, my office is chilly, and I’m crabby.  Hello, pick-me-up!  Don’t judge.  There are worse things I could consume to emotionally enhance my day…At least I didn’t buy a cheesecake brownie…Besides, it’s “pumpkin spice coffee day” at Kaldi’s.  Add a little skim milk, cinnamon, & nutmeg…Yum!   I’m just not looking forward to all the trips to the bathroom once the caffeine stimulates my bladder.  Still worth it?  Oh yeah.

What’s for lunch?  I have a hodge podge of things:  turkey pepperoni, sweet potato, 1 apple, pretzels, 1 tbsp of peanut butter…  The fact that I don’t have a totally awesome lunch to look forward to makes me crabby too.  Lord, help anyone that crosses my path today.

Sorry I didn’t provide any other awkward stories aside from the class presentation.  Too crabby to think of all the awkward stories.  Meh…


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