Autumn Toilet Water

Today is great because:

  1. It’s Thursday – so tomorrow is Friday (yippee!)
  2. I don’t have ANY meetings today!  I better not say that too loudly or one may pop up.
  3. I sign my lease tomorrow! GAH! So excited!
  4. FANTABULOUS tv shows are back on tonight.  Thursday is the best night for TV. Hands down.  I’m convinced it’s the networks’ way of treating everyone for making it through the week.
  5. A gym “friend” asked me to do Hot Yoga with her.  Aw 🙂  Had she asked me in July when we had 20-straight days of 100+ degree weather, I would have politely declined.
  6. Mini cheesecake brownie bites (FREE!) at Kaldi’s this morning.  It did my heart good to share the news with my coworkers and watch them race down the hall.
  7. My old-person’s back finally feels healed – just in time to lift some heavy boxes this Saturday!
  8. NO voicemails waiting for me this morning
  9. Today is the first day of FALL!!!!  Best time of year ever – no other season promotes the amount of giddiness I feel when I think of Fall!

What? No #10, you say?  I wanted to be original.

Awkward Moment for Thursday:  Partaking in my typical “getting ready for work” routine in the bathroom.  Hearing my upstairs teenage “neighb” stirring from those oh-so-glorious teenage hours of slumber (My teenage years were my deepest sleep years.  I miss them).  He walks into the bathroom (directly above me).  And, yes.  I hear him urinating.  No, I don’t just hear the toilet seat slam up (at least he puts the seat down…bless his heart), I hear his urine hitting the toilet water.  OMG.  Then he politely slams the toilet seat back down (at 6:20am – he was a little early this morning) and flushes.  I know you’re all jealous.  I would be too.  I love hearing strangers intimate bodily functions…especially from men.  GAH!

Awkward Moment for Thursday, part II:  The gym “friend” that asked me to do Hot Yoga with her?  I couldn’t tell you her name for anything.  I see her nearly everyday. I know her workout schedule/routine.  I know where she’s pursuing her PhD. I’ve even spotted her car on a random Saturday while I was riding along the trails.  If we happen to show up at Hot Yoga I’ll just have to say “HEEEY….you!”  Hopefully she doesn’t find me on Facebook…


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