Oh Friday, I love you.

Oh dear…yesterday was, hands down, the least productive day of my life.  I didn’t do anything at work aside from attend meetings, one of which I’m convinced I fell asleep in 3 times (you know those long blinks when you’re tired feel like your asleep but outsiders probably just assume it’s a long blink, but the whole time your brain is saying “OMG, you need to open your eyes or you’re going to embarass yourself…”).  Yeah…it was that kind of a day.  My delicious $1 coffee from Kaldi’s didn’t even help.  In fact, I’m convinced it made the situation worse in it’s awesomely comforting aroma & taste.  Fortunately, I took a great couch nap when I got home and was zombified until around 9pm when I did more packing for the move.  My living room looks like a bunker of boxes (NOT sitting on the floor, but on the coffee table, end tables, and on top of Rubbermaid totes).

Exciting life, eh?

Speaking of coffee…I typically try to stay away from caffeine since my body doesn’t seem to enjoy it as much as I think it should.  So if you ever see me gulping down a delicious Diet Pepsi, tea, or non-decaf coffee, you’ll know I’m desperate for a jolt.  The past few days have been a pure test on my nerves and sleep habits so I’ve been practically administering a continuous IV of coffee or tea.  Needless to say, my heart feels like it will give out at any minute.  Better get used to it…the next few weeks look a little intense.  Hopefully my body can hold out!

On a brighter note…all the fabulous TV shows come back on in the next week or 2.  I would know because I mark my TV shows in my planner each time it’s a new episode.  I know, I know…I’m cool.  That’s what you were going to say right?  Hmm…

Awkward moment of the day:  I was walking across the quad (I do love college campuses in the fall).  A nice gentleman informed me that I had dropped something from the package I was carrying.  It happened to be a sticky note.  So naturally I said: “Oh thanks so much!  Post-its just aren’t as sticky as they used to be!”…what…?  Did I REALLY say that?  Awkward.

Coming soon: Necessary (and obvious) Rules in Life.  One would think they’d be obvious anyway…


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