Walking Contradiction

So here I go…I started this blog months ago when I actually had a less stressful job and more free time.  So why did I decide to start this up when I’m in the midst of beginning a new, more stressful job and making a mad dash to move to a new apartment ASAP?  It’s simple really…I’m a walking contradiction.  And I’m a strong-willed, pain-in-the-ass too…but let’s save that for a different day.

But seriously, I AM a walking contradiction.  Since I consider myself a learned, research obsessed individual working in academia, I’ll present my boring list of evidence sans APA citations:

  • I’m an introverted student affairs professional.  This one is a biggie, and probably my favorite. For those of you who know what a student affairs professional is/does, I’m sure you read that statement and said “HA! Good luck!” or “Ouch! How do you do it?!”  Good question…this one deserves multiple posts.
  • I enjoy being left alone, but I don’t enjoy feeling left out.
  • I’m a laid-back “Type A” personality.  What…?
  • I constantly complain about not having time to relax on the couch, yet when I finally do, I feel the need to get up and do something.   Thus, “Type A”.  Thus, never feeling truly relaxed.  Dumb.
  • My political beliefs do not align with my religious beliefs.
  • I’m an emotional “hard ass”.  Or at least I like to pretend I’m a hard ass.
  • I’m socially graceful, yet horribly awkward.  Hence the title of this blog, a phrase I think/mutter daily.

So there you have it.  An awkward and boring walking contradiction that’s always needing to catch up on sleep.  And on that note, Dr. Oz told me (yes, we’re best friends) that you can never truly catch up on sleep.  You’re forever in deficit.  The damage has been done.  Cool.  So much for eating healthy and staying physically fit.  My lack of sleep will be the death of me.  Maybe my boss will let me take naps at work…

Random: 1 cup of Mom’s chili + 1 tsp of Jif natural peanut butter for lunch today.  Bliss.


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